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Manual on using
the right to annual leave

This Manual on using the right to annual leave is created in conformity with the current Law on Labor of FBiH and the Rulebook on Labor of the International University of Sarajevo.

Necessary information related to exercising the right to annual leave is as follows:

For every calendar year, you have the right to annual leave for as many days as stipulated in your employment contract.

If you are employed for the first time or you have a termination between two employments longer than 15 days, you acquire the right to annual leave after 6 months of uninterrupted work. In this case, you still have one day of annual leave for every completed month of work.

The annual leave does not include time periods of temporary work incapacity, non-working holidays and other periods of absence included in the employee's pensionable service.

Related to annual leave days, take into consideration that the working hours are divided into 5 working days.

Annual leave may be used in one or multiple parts. If you want to use your annual leave in this way, the first part must be used in the total length of 12 working days pursunat to Labor Law of FBIH and has to be used within the current calendar year, and the rest of the annual leave has to be used by 30 June of the following year the latest.

In order to transfer the annual leave into the next calendar year, you have to start using the annual leave in the current year.

You have the right to use one day of your annual leave whenever you want, but in that case, you have to inform your Employer at least three days prior to the day of your planned annual leave.

Please plan your annual leave timely, taking into consideration the undisrupted work organization during your absence.

If you are planning to use your annual leave in a time period longer than one day, plan to bring your annual leave request to HR office, signed by your line manager, at least eight days prior the planned annual leave date.

The annual leave request may be downloaded from the following link:

When filling out your annual leave request, please take a protocol number by calling 033 957 107, and after your line manager signs your annual leave request, bring it to HR office to complete the procedure.

If you are part of the academic staff, please mark whether you have (or not) lectures and tutorials during your planned annual leave, in the part named "for faculty staff“.  If that is the case, please submit a written clarification on how you made arrangements for the postponement or substitution of your teaching and other responsibilities so that there is no loss of service.

We will do our best to process your request within 48 hours and deliver it to your e-mail address. 

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